July 20, 2011

Bratislavskaya metro station in Moscow

   The station is adorned with several panels in honour of the Russian-Slovak friendship.(The capital city Bratislava) A part of the platform are made of monolithic plates; the two vaults with caissons are divided by some flat space and a row of columns in the centre of the platform. The ends of the vault are decorated with medallions depicting Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle,(photos below) the residence of the Mayor of Moscow and Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The station's walls are faced with blue-grey marble and its covered with black granite. The floor is dark granite. You can find the Bratislavskaya metro station's original and unique photos only in the our website disertero.blogspot.com 
  • Russian : Станция метро Братиславская
  • Opening date : 25.12.1996
  • Architects : А.Orlov, А.Nekrasov
  • Artists :  A.Burganov
  • Lines : Lyublinsko - Dmitrovskaya Line
  • Line Number : 10
  • Depth : 8 meters
  • Station Photos :