July 6, 2011

Kozhukhovskaya metro station in Moscow

   Kozhukhovskaya metro station is named for nearby street district. In the station, the white marble turning into an aluminium ceiling. The dark brown marble is used for lower regions of the back vault and lighting fixtures of the red metal  and the grey granite floor is supply to the station's bright appearance. You can find the Kozhukhovskaya metro station's original and unique photos only in the our website disertero.blogspot.com
  • Russian : Станция метро Кожуховская
  • Opening date : 28.12.1995
  • Architects : А.Vigdorov, L.Borzenkov
  • Artists : 
  • Lines : Lyublinsko - Dmitrovskaya Line
  • Line Number : 10
  • Depth : 12 meters
  • Station Photos :