August 29, 2011

Babushkinskaya metro station in Moscow

   Mikhail Babushkin, who was a polar aviator and a hero of the Soviet Union, the station is named after. The station's track walls at the base, are faced with grey marble and the station's floor is paved with black and grey granite. Also the exits from the station are decorated with beautiful sculptures (photos below). You can find the Babushkinskaya metro station's original and unique photos only in the our website
  • Russian : Станция метро Бабушкинская
  • Opening date :29.09.1978
  • Architects :V.Klokov, L.Popov
  • Artists : A.Mosiychuk
  • Lines : Kaluzhsko - Rizhskaya Line
  • Line Number : 6
  • Depth : 10 meters
  • Station Photos :